TED: How to make a splash in social media

Watch this 5 minute TED talk by Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit, a link aggregate social website from which a-many memes and items have virally emerged. Ohanian’s 5 minute speech titled “How to make a splash in social media” provides an interesting blueprint on how people can leverage the power of social media and online communities by paradoxically letting them take control. Using a famous anecdote involving a Greenpeace campaign to raise awareness and save humpback whales which gave birth to the Mister Splash Pants meme thanks to Reddit users and other similar social websites, Ohanian explains how in addition to being genuine and honest, it’s “okay to lose control” of your message and to “take yourself a little less seriously.” The end result may far exceed your expectations or goals. The masses on the Internet today can be a means to an end, or in the case of Greenpeace and Mister Splash Pants, a meme to an end. Did you see what I did there?


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