Robyn, X3

Robyn will probably never break the US again. She did once, more than a decade ago, when she was packaged as a Scandinavian Britney-wannabe. But then she broke out on her own. Lost her baby fat. Got weirder. And embraced electronic music.

Of course such rebellion against the music system paid off for her everywhere but here. In England, and much of Europe, her tragic opus, “With Every Heartbeat” went to the top of the charts. Here, it barely got noticed. Her collaboration last year with Röyksopp, the pulsing “Girl and the Robot,” was the stand-out track on their brilliant album. And now she’s gearing up for a big year, releasing not one, not two, but three albums in the next six months. Damn girl, slow down.

The first release Body Talk PT 1 sees a June release and what I’ve heard of it is brilliant. I cannot wait for the prolific Swede to release the remaining 20+ tracks.