Model Home: Certified LEED Silver

Nestled at the foot of a low mountain range in Emigration Canyon at the edge of a 200-acre camp site in Salt Lake City, UT lies the first private residence in the state to achieve LEED Silver certification. The 2,500 square foot structure features an operable wall that can be moved to instantly transform the living space into an outdoor environment. The remaining stationary walls are clad in recycled corten steel shingles that, like the surrounding environment, will change over time – in this case from sleek and shiny steel to a speckled rust-colored palette. The home was built with very little site disturbance and “at the minimum allowed footprint. Features like concrete floor with radiant heat, natural light in every room and movable parts like the 4th wall and pivoting doors that ventilate with the home with canyon breezes make this environmentally compatible space a model home for new building.

(Designed by Sparano + Mooney)