Lets focus on the sun on Earth Day

Today is the 40th anniversary of “Earth Day” and I think it’s kind of crazy that we have to hold a global day in honor of the planet that keeps us, you know, alive. As a species, are humans so self-destructive that we need to have an actual holiday to celebrate and remind us to keep Earth clean and “green?” And of course, this date has been quickly co-opted by companies’ marketing and PR departments to boast their green credentials while also making a few extra bucks. As a reminder of our actual insignificant place in the vast cosmos, NASA recently released their “First Light” photos as well as some breath taking videos on Flickr of our sun taken from their brand new toy, a “Hubble for the sun.” The space telescope “Solar Dynamics Observatory” was buit specifically study our sun, the best star in the universe. Read more on the telescope at NASA.