Josh Dorfman speaks about Season 2 of THE LAZY ENVIRONMENTALIST

Josh Dorfman gives advice to professional martial arts athlete Jason Moontasri in Season 2 of THE LAZY ENVIRONMENTALIST

Season 2 of THE LAZY ENVIRONMENTALIST premieres Tuesday, April 20 at 8PM E/P.

Over the next couple of months, I plan to share some thoughts here based on the upcoming season of “The Lazy Environmentalist.” In many ways, Season 2 has enabled me to bring to fruition the goals I’d set seven years ago when I founded Vivavi, a modern design, green products retail company, to rebrand environmentalism as appealing and attractive. To do so you’ve got to have outstanding green solutions. You’ve also got to be able to frame those choices in ways that get environmental skeptics — and the otherwise apathetic or indifferent — excited about them.

To achieve the former you’ve got to know where to look and you’ve got to count on green entrepreneurs to constantly improve their products and services to the point where they pass my green litmus test: would people want them even if the products and services weren’t green. To achieve the latter, I’ve had to do a lot of reflection about what really makes people tick and what gets them excited — or at least somewhat enthusiastic — about embracing new choices. In other words, I’ve had to a lot of thinking about how to present green choices so that people perceive them to be in their own self-interest. It’s not my environmental values that I’m trying to impose on others. Instead, it’s getting them to see that their own self-interest is best served by the best green options available today.

Given these two key criteria — great green solutions and viable ways to frame them in terms of people’s self-interest — I’m excited about this upcoming season because at last I can truly say that green living is becoming viable for the great majority of Americans. We tackle price a lot on this show since it’s one of the biggest impediments that people claim holds them back from taking green steps.  I realize that “claim” is a strong word, and I use it because my experience has been that people often cite the “cost issue” to avoid exploring environmental alternatives altogether. It enables them to avoid considering the notion of not just changing the decisions they make but also their own self-definition about who they are and what they stand for. I know how difficult that kind of change can be. In my own way, I made that kind of monumental shift when I went from being an angry environmental activist showing up at protest rallies and berating those closest to me for the mindless consumption to a green entrepreneur dedicated to providing people with the most outstanding green options available, the ones that really improve people’s lives. Being able to do this kind of work everyday is rewarding on so many levels.

So what I’ll endeavor to do with my blog posts here is share more than just some behind the scenes insight into what making this show is like for me. I’m going to share insights into how I’ve arrived at this moment and how these individual episodes fit into the greater context of where the green movement is today, and more importantly, where it’s going.

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