Green tech finds (4/29/10)

White House solar panels, recycling your Xbox, and the top green cars… your green tech finds for the week.

  • Plug-and-play solar… we’re getting there: Start-up Armageddon Energy is scheduled to release its SolarClover system, which can be installed by non-specialists, later this year.

  • Finnish town joins the Concerto: The Concerto Initiative, that is. Lapua, in Western Finland, will participate in this EU-sponsored project to build local energy self-sufficiency and efficiency.

  • Cape Wind a go?: After years of wrangling, the Obama administration has given a green light to the Cape Wind project… but the opposition is already threatening a lawsuit, according to the Huffington Post.

  • Solar panels on the White House… again? Sungevity is making a great offer to the Obamas: a free solar power system that could electricity costs for the building by up to 81%. (via Calfinder)

  • Lessons learned from a green renovation: Alexandra Marks discusses the lessons learned about green technology in her efforts to renovate a 100-year-old Connecticut farmhouse.

  • Top ten green cars for 2010: Kelly Blue Book has made its picks. The group represents a variety of vehicle types: KBB notes it didn’t just “[tick] off the Top 10 vehicles in fuel efficiency and let it go at that…” (via Consumerism Commentary)

  • E-cycle your Xbox: Microsoft has partnered with the Reconnect electronics recycling program so that users ready to upgrade their gaming technology can drop off old systems at participating Goodwill donation centers.

  • Dutch dikes could produce power: A government committee in the Netherlands has proposed “punching holes” in the Delta Works flood control system (pictured above) to allow for a return of flora and fauna, and perhaps even tidal energy production. (via Inhabitat)

Let us know what we missed… leave your own finds in the comments.


Image credit: / CC BY 2.0