Green tech finds (4/15/10)

Your pre-Earth Week green tech finds…

  • Wind farms and weather: Wind power’s one tool in our arsenal against climate change, but large-scale wind installations can end up creating their own “micro-climates” with unique weather effects. (via Greenopolis)

  • Greener summer road construction: Doesn’t mean you’ll get around it any faster, but the Missouri Department of Transportation is using warm-mix asphalt for road work (which requires less heat, and thus creates lower carbon emissions) while looking into materials consisting almost entirely of recycled glass.

  • A really green Honda: This one comes with two wheels instead of four, though — the company announced it will begin leasing its EV-neo scooter in December.

  • Circuit-by-circuit energy monitoring: The new PowerHouse Dynamics eMonitor claims it can drill down on your energy use to specific appliances in real time.

  • Cement to algae biomass: That’s Canadian company Pond Biofuels‘ plan — capture CO2 emissions from a cement plant (which has a huge carbon footprint), and use it as feedstock for algae that will be dried and used as a biomass fuel. (via Inhabitat and Environmental Leader)

  • LED light bulbs hitting the market: Both GE and Philips have announced plans to sell light emitting diode (LED) light bulbs later this year. Prices will be hefty by bulb standards, but with a life span of up to 17 years (that’s what GE claims) and 77% energy use reduction, that may be a bargain.

  • The costs of the cloud: Greenpeace has released a new report on the effect of devices like Apple’s new iPad on climate. (via Green Living Ideas)

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Image credit: / CC BY 2.0