Green tech finds (4/1/10)

No foolin’… here are this week’s green tech finds.

  • Low-tech renewable energy storage: In Vinalhaven, Maine, they’re testing out a system of distributed energy storage for wind power… and it’s based on old technology. (via Green Living Ideas)

  • The green(er) bookmobile: A new bookmobile for Wood County, Ohio, runs on natural gas.

  • Solar panel sustainability ratings: Solar panels can push the move towards a green energy economy forward… but many are also loaded with some pretty nasty chemicals. A new scorecard from the Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition will rate solar companies, in part, on how well they handle the lifecycle implications of their products. (via GreenTech Pastures)

  • Where can you build that new solar project? How about on abandoned real estate developments?

  • Looking for recycled gadgets? EcoTech Daily has a top ten list of some very cool gadgets that reuse existing materials.

  • Black roof? White roof? How about both?: Arguments about roofing color and energy savings abound… a new coating technology from United Environment & Energy attempts to create the best of both worlds… and does so with recycled cooking oil. (via CNET Green Tech)

  • The electric boat: No more loud, stinky outboard engines… Canadian company Infinyte Marine now offers three models of boats with electric engines. Check out the video above… (via Gas 2.0 and Treehugger)

What did you find this week? Feel free to have a little April Fools fun if you’d like…