First ob/gyn to sell sex toys to patients

The two of us were just discussing the other day how some ob/gyns totally get that reproduction has something to do with sex and some just don’t. Ask one about Kegels, and she’ll happily stick in a gloved hand to see if you should be doing more of them; ask another, and she’ll look at you as if you’ve just asked about the mating habits of emperor penguins. Which is why it’s kinda cool to hear about Dr. Andrew Scheinfeld, the first American ob/gyn to sell sex toys out of his practice. (He’s based in Manhattan, not Peoria, natch.) The bad news: they’re not covered by insurance…at least not yet. The good news: “Dr. Feelgood” has partnered with a manufacturing company that makes high-quality toys that are not only beautifully designed (none look like scary medical devices) but that are also safe for the body: Swedish company Lelo (we’ve been long-time fans). He has them displayed in the therapeutic healing section of his office, but has his female office manager introduce the products to his patients (he thinks it would be inappropriate for him to do so). In an interview with Details, Dr. Scheinfeld spoke the magic words:

“People still think women should have orgasms exclusively from intercourse,” Scheinfeld says. “In spite of the whole sexual revolution, there’s still a lack of education about these things. Most women don’t have that response just through intercourse. That is a big problem and that causes a spiraling down of relationships because of the false expectations.”

Our hero. (Although the original paintings he’s done that are on display on his website are a little creepy.)