Eyjafjallajökull volcano round-up

The Boston Globe’s always excellent photojournalism blog Big Picture has a gallery of 35 breathtaking photos of Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano which erupted last Friday, April 16 and whose impact continues to reverberate still as European travelers find themselves stuck with flights canceled. This natural disaster is unfortunate for a country struggling with a disaster of a decidedly man-made cause: namely financial collapse, as Iceland emerged as the poster child of the global financial crisis as a result of the country’s bad investments. In light of the volcanic eruption which spread ash all over Europe, some cried that they wanted “cash, not ash!”

As it does with any recent newsworthy item, the blogosphere predictably has its own contributions to the water cooler discussion of this volcano.

Here’s a video compilation of various reporters’ inability to pronounce the volcano’s name (“Eyjafjallajökull”). Incidentally, if you were somehow able to make this word in Scrabble, you’d score 47 points.

The flight cancellations affected Norway’s Prime Minster Jens Stoltenberg who was stuck in New York City and apparently he’s been running his country via his new iPad.

Lastly, this one drunk stranded Scottish passenger made his feelings quite vocally known during a live TV interview at Edinburgh airport.