Earth Week insight: Robert Redford interview in On Earth

While the list of Hollywood environmentalists continues to grow, few have been involved in the movement longer or more consistently than Sundance founder Robert Redford. As such, NRDC’s On Earth chose to publish an interview with Redford late last week in which he reflects on the first Earth Day forty years ago, his own environmental awakenings, and how the movement to protect and conserve our natural resources has developed, changed, and even taken some detours since 1970.

Journalist Emily Voigt, who conducted the interview, weaved together a set of questions that allowed Redford to speak to the overlap between his work in film and his environmental activism (particularly in the Western genre). Voigt also produced the slideshow above, which overlays portions of Redford’s responses with vivid photographs of the actor in some of the natural settings he grew to love, and worked to protect over the decades.

If you’ve been around long enough to remember the first Earth Day, we’d love to hear your own insights… how has this event, and the movement surrounding it, changed and matured over the years?