Earth Day green tech finds (4/22/10)

Your Earth Week green tech finds…

  • Droid your dry cleaner: The National Organization for Women (NOW) has released an Android and web app (iPhone coming soon) for finding dry cleaners in your area that don’t use perchloroethylene (or “perc”).

  • Puma’s new bag-box: The shoe company teamed up with design firm Fuseproject to create a the new “clever little bag” that requires much less cardboard than a traditional shoe box, and creates a much smaller manufacturing footprint. Look for it in 2011; find out more about it in the video above. (via Fast Company)

  • Hypermiling for houses: CNET Green Tech editor Martin LaMonica describes his efforts to get his home to net zero energy (and no electric bill!)

  • Kids nagging you to install solar panels That may be out of the family’s budget, so the Department of Energy is promoting several of its websites aimed at giving kids a broader understanding of home energy issues.

  • Eco driving assistance: Ford new MyFord Touch in-vehicle system has a couple of options to help drivers save fuel: a “coaching” system for more efficient driving, and an EcoRoute option in the map-based navigation system. (via Springwise)

  • Can green tech save teaching positions? Heather Clancy at GreenTech Pastures mulls the savings potential of more green technology in schools.

  • Just fix it! That’s a great response to the growing problem of e-waste… but what if you don’t have a clue where to start? iFixit is now offering wiki-style repair manuals. (via Treehugger)

No doubt there are many, many more finds out there this week… so share away!