Amazing LEGO Falling Water

Nearly a year ago on this blog, I posted about LEGO sets of Frank Lloyd Wright buildings, including the iconic residential “Falling Water,” which was cool. However that official set, which is also much smaller, is amateur compared to Croatian “LEGO architect” Matija Grguric’s version seen above. I love that she built it in a winter setting, and the water effect is really fantastic.

Scale of the building is minifig, or approximate 1:40. One of the issues was how to make the stone walls of the building. The result here is made out of 4 different shades of grey (old grey and bley). Other was the terrain and vegetation. In the end I decided to make it in winter atmosphere. Snow is something I always enjoy, and I was always more of a winter type of person, so here it is – my first snowy MOC.

Building process spread over total of almost 7 months, and the structure is made out of more than 15000 bricks (just an approximate guess). It is placed on 6 48*48 baseplates, and measures 115 x 80 x 50 cm. It weights more than 20 kg.

View more photos of her recreation at the artist’s Flickr page.