The latest green product: poop in a tea bag

You can call Annie Haven a “tea bagger” if you’d like, but keep in mind the title doesn’t necessarily reflect her politics (or any other preferences); rather, it’s a professional title. Haven is the founder of Authentic Haven Brand soil conditioner tea, which takes manure from her family’s cattle farm, puts it in 3×5 teabags, and sells it to homeowners looking for something akin to an energy drink for their house plants.

For Haven, the move into selling cattle and horse manure arose from necessity: according to NPR, “Haven’s family has been ranching in Southern California for a hundred years but a prolonged drought has left her with too few cattle to make a living.” When searching for ways to supplement her income, she still stuck to family tradition: she told the Orange County Register “My grandmother brewed manure tea… ”

Haven’s grandmother isn’t the only one… just a quick search showed me that many organic gardeners swear by steeped poop. You can buy Authentic Haven Brand through the company’s website or at some SoCal locations… or, if you feel like getting your hands dirty, there are plenty of DIY options and ideas out there, including:

Swear by manure tea for indoor or outdoor plants? Got a favorite species for contributing the raw materials? Do share…

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