Take This Job and Shove It

Paula Froelich kisses a giraffe in Kenya

Heh. So. I am trying to get a life. No. seriously. Quit my full time job at the New York Post on July 25, 2009 — otherwise known as “Independence Day” and yes, I played the Martina McBride song over and over as well as “Take This Job and Shove It” when I announced the news. So anyhoo. I have been enjoying life since then — went to Africa, Mexico, Sundance, LA several times, Oscars, you name it. But after a certain point in time, ennui starts to set in along with brain rot. And I will not Brain Rot! Unless, of course, it’s called for.

But here’s the problem: What to do???? I don’t want to go back to print. At least not full-time… It is, after all, a dying medium. I buy all my newspapers on my Kindle now!

So. I have been trying out other mediums. Below is the randomness of my life in search of my next career.

1. I got a call from my pal Michael Hirschorn the other day (he used to be head of VH-1 and now does shows like “Paris Hiltons New BFF“) He said, “I didn’t know you were friends with Foxxy Brown…” I said, “News to me too!!” He’s doing a reality show about her “comeback” and they needed someone to “speak truth” to her — and apparently she nominated me. Previously mine and Foxxy’s relationship had gone like this:

Me: Hey, so we heard about you beating a manicurist with your Blackberry. Want to comment?
Foxxy: What? That’s lies! I didn’t touch her!
Me: well, I’m just reading the police report and spoke to 4 witnesses… so just a comment…
Foxxy: Who you gonna believe? ME or the damn popo? Write your lies! You will anyway!

So you can see why I was confused. But I did it. She arrived 2 hours late. My first piece of “truth” was, “It’s not 1999. You show up 2 hours late and your business is gone.” It went downhill from there.

2. Then I did a radio demo show for Sirius/XM — with Joan Rivers (whom I’m having Passover with tonight). It was SO MUCH FUN! Seriously. I want that. BAD. Will find out later this week maybe if it’s a go, so knock on wood for me!

3. I’m out in LA to basically “speak truth” for my own pilot. They told me to bring 5 outfits for one day of taping. All are in “jewel tones” so… there you go. I will look like a color blob from hell… Ha!

4. But the show I really want to do is “A Good Time With Paula and Nicole” — a show I created where me and my pal Nicole travel to the Stans: Kurdistan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, etc. — and find a GOOD TIME. I figure, the US has become so xenophobic these days and scared of the rest of the world — well, the best way to figure out people are more alike than un-alike is to find a Good Time with them!

5. And then of course there’s always the book project, which is supposed to be in at the end of this week (HAHAHAHAHAHA!… i.e., not gonna happen). It’s either Lies My Mother Told Me or Dating on the Front Lines. Thoughts? Find me on Twitter.com/Pfro; or Facebook me or comment here. I need help.