SVA's Mentors Program exhibition

Natalie Chan

It’s the kind of program you probably wish was an option when you were in school. No matter your degree, how nice would it have been to be paired one-on-one with a working professional before you hit the job market? At SVA the Mentors Program pairs photography students with NY-based photographers who actual make a living from their work as well as professionals working in the arts. Aside from bigger names like Ryan McGinley, Tina Barney and Taryn Simon are critic Vince Aletti and picture editor Philip Gefter. The program must be working because the student work is surprisingly good (all of it better, in fact, than some of the work up for auction by so-called ‘real artists’ at BAM’s silent art auction – sorry, had to go there).

SVA Mentors Program exhibition runs until April 3, 2010.