Sean Hayes comes out, d'oh!

One of the gayest actors of all time (Sean Hayes), who starred as one of the gayest characters of all times (Jack), on one of the gayest TV shows of all time (Will & Grace), has come out of the closet. You know, many years after his TV show has gone off the air.

In an interview with The Advocate, a magazine he eluded his entire run on network TV, Hayes finally comes clean with the fact he’s gay. Hmm. This is not news. It is, however, commentary on the closet in Hollywood. That fear of being typecast, being known as the “gay” actor, motivated Sean from outing himself. I am proud of him for doing this now. I also wish he’d done it years ago. Is it easier now because he’s not an A-list actor anymore and he has less to lose? Did he finally tire of not screaming it from the rafters? Would this be a great way to promote his new project?

While many Hollywood folk remain closeted, I think what Hayes did was a step forward and I thank him. Not just for the laughs but for being a role model for gays in Hollywood. It may have taken a while, but I still welcome his decision. As Karen Walker said on Will & Grace “Honey you’re gayer than a clutch purse on Tony Night. You’re like a big gay fruit, falling out of a gay tree, and you hit every gay branch on the way down, and then you landed on a gay guy….and you did him”