Ricky Gervais, 80's pop star

Ricky Gervais has been popping up more than usual as of late to promote his new and funny HBO animated series. I wish all the talk shows he appears on would also air this certain clip from a music video. It shows Ricky from the 1980′s as a front man doing his best androgynous Bowie impersonation for new wave band Seona Dancing.

A bit of interesting trivia about the band from its Wikipedia page (insert buyer beware warning here) about its huge popularity in the Philippines.

In 1985, after Seona Dancing disbanded, a radio station in Metro Manila, Philippines, DWRT-FM, started playing a song billed as “Fade” by Medium (also billed as “Medium” by Fade). It became a favorite theme song for many Filipino teenagers. DWRT-FM lied about the song title and artist name. Consequently, nobody was able to find the record and play it themselves. Additionally, to prevent other radio stations from recording it and playing it, DWRT-FM inserted a station I.D. midway through the track. Eventually, another radio station revealed the identity of the song as “More to Lose” by Seona Dancing.

[Hat tip: Roommie Sarah]