New York City wants to turn you on

Good design used to be completely unheard of in the world of sex accessories — neither function nor form was particularly paid attention to, whether it was a vibrator or a pair of latex undies. Fortunately, in the last decade or so, both form and function have improved immeasurably, and we could not be happier. Now vibrators and dildos are as likely to resemble abstract art for your coffee table as they are to resemble a penis.

The newest contender in this field? New York City’s health department, if you can believe that! The city distributes 40 million free condoms every year, and they decided that the condom packaging could use an overhaul. Now, design by committee tends to be a horrible idea, and design by government agency tends to be even worse. But some smarty-pants in the health department decided to hold an online competition for a special limited edition condom wrapper, and 15,000 people voted on the entries.

The winning entry, designed by Luis Acosta, incorporates the international power-on symbol. “I wanted to associate it with something we see in our daily lives so it wasn’t taboo for people.”

“When I saw [the design], I said this is pure genius,” New York City’s health commissioner, Dr. Thomas Farley said. “Everyone recognizes that symbol on their PC. People should use their own power to control their sexual health.” And as a bonus side effect? That power-on button on your laptop or iPhone will forever more inspire dirty thoughts. Thanks, department of health!