Meeting My Mushie

Sometimes I just sit back and look at my life and giggle. It’s like my life goes from the ridiculous to the sublime – or is it the sublime to the ridiculous?

So,  I decided to bail on “Oscar” related things yesterday because: 1) On the Wednesday before Oscars not much is really going on, and all the real peeps are home still rehabilitating with ice packs, hoping the Restalyne and botox puffiness will go down by Sunday… AND 2) I got invited to dinner with former (and hopefully future) Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf. I shit you not. Fun fact: I am a Middle Eastern history buff. So meeting Musharraf to me is like a 14-year-old girl meeting the un-married Jonas Brothers.

Pervez Musharraf AKA My Mushie

The best things in life happen randomly, eh? I went to the Shangri-La Hotel in Santa Monica for lunch on Tuesday and met the owner, Tehmina Adaya. We got on so well she invited me to dinner with Musharraf! ACK! I, of course, started laughing – why is Musharraf in town now? For the Oscars? Is he just that big a fan of THE HURT LOCKER? Or maybe he’s rooting for AVATAR because tailsex is just that good?  Apparently there is a huge influential Pakistani population in Southern California. Who knew?

So, after I hung out with my pals at Extra – discussing super secret fabulous projects, naturally – Tehmina and I drove 45 minutes south to Diamond Bar, CA (behind the Orange Curtain. Yes. I know. I was trembling in fear) to a private home in a gated village with lots and lots of policemen and Secret Service types roaming around… to a huge house lit up like a Christmas tree.

There were like 100 people there, including Sherriff Lee Baca and the Mayor of Newport Beach… and my Mushie. So handsome. Seriously! He talked about extremism, moving Pakistan forward, why he pardoned Bhutto and Zardari (it apparently was not a power sharing deal: “I didn’t need them. I was already going to be Prime Minister.”), his regrets and killing Taliban. Very popular sentiments for that crowd. He refused to answer if he was going to return to Pakistan and start a new political party but the word is he’s here gaining support (and funds) and will run in the next election. Which, to me, is good news. It’s unbelievable that we supported “Mr. 20 Percent” (Zardari) and he’s in power now. Ick.

So anyway, afterwards, Tehmina insisted I go up and meet my Mushie (yeah!) and so – somewhere there are pics of us floating out there. Heh. Take that, Brad Pitt!

Meanwhile, I’m starting to feel my age (you know, over 25). The jet lag is killing me. Tonight my sister and pal Jenine and I are investigating club wars… Soho House is opening, as is another private club that is supposed to be so super secret private no one really knows where it is. I’m leaving those logistics up to Jenine. She always seems to figure that shit out. Thank God. Because at some point we also have to stop by that Susan Sarandon boytoy ping pong party – and you know “I’m a drinking for that!” I never was a fan of balls flying at high speed at my face…