Jack Pierson at Regen Projects

From Jack Pierson’s “Self Portrait” series

Jack Pierson has made a name for himself in sculpture, collage and drawings, but photography is the medium he’s best known for and keeps coming back to. His latest solo show, “Some Other Spring,” which opens at Regen Projects in LA tonight, is a collection of works on paper, sculpture and photography. The gallery hasn’t released any images, but if it’s anything his shows in years past you can expect typographically heavy sculpture and photographs of beautiful men. Or at least beautiful photographs of men and young boys, like the photo above from his early 2000 “Self Portrait” series. If you remember, none of those pictures were of himself, but of 15 different males who represented in some way 15 different pieces of himself.

Pierson is part of a group of photographers called the Boston School, which includes Nan Goldin, David Armstrong, Philip-Lorca diCorcia and Mark Morrisroe among others. As friends and associates they often took photos of each other, especially Morrisroe and Pierson, who built up a kind of mythology of self in the process, something he’s still working through 30 years later often using fictional portraiture, like the “Self Portrait” series. Explorations in physical identity in photography is certainly nothing new. Cindy Sherman has built an entire career on it. But Pierson’s work is unique in that it teeters on that precarious edge you’re bound to find yourself on when you take sexy pictures of young men but he keeps it arthouse, not Penthouse.

“Some Other Spring” at Regen Projects II until April 17, 2010. Opening reception tonight, 6-8pm.