It’s Hard to be Old, White and Rich in H’Wood These Days

PRECIOUS stars Mariah Carey and Gabourey Sidibe, at the Independent Spirit Awards

Wow. The last couple of days have been a BLUR… Friday were the Independent Spirit Awards – which rocked. For some reason the gods decided to bless me and my date, Estee Lauder Pres. John Demsey, and sit us front and center with Josh Sapan, Evan Shapiro and… (wait for it) JOHNNY WEIR! Ack! Love! He is my new favorite of all time (Sorry, Elton). I think I convinced Demsey to make him the new Mac Viva Glam babe after his idol, Lady Gaga. (In which case, do I get 10 percent?). Anyhoo. The PRECIOUS folks were all next to us – including my old pal, Mariah Carey in one of her get ups (short, black, 2 sizes too small – you know, the usual). She rocks. Fun Fact: at Page Six we once called her a “Lycra Loving Songbird” and she sent us a pair of leopard print Lycra underwear with a note that said, “I had to go faaaar back in my closet to find these – I don’t wear Lycra!” She then got me hammered at Nobu on my birthday five years later. I j’adore her. Although was wondering – where the hell was Nick Cannon? Mo’Nique was there with her husband (with whom she has an “open” relationship and according to her, “taught me what independent spirit was” – mmmHMMMM) – so where was Nick??? He wasn’t out with Mariah later (ran into her at the Beverly Hills Hotel) either. I’m just sayin’: I’m concerned. There. I said it.

After the awards John and I went to Mr. Chow (we didn’t eat the salmon which – we were warned – had been on the plate since 2 pm that afternoon. I mean, hello – didn’t anyone see AIRPLANE???) and my li’l sister and partner in crime, Emily went out. Mistake. Do you know what asshats are out on Oscar weekend???? Jamie Foxx has never had it so easy picking up hookers!!!

We ended up doing a lap at Soho House before bolting to a dive bar (the line of cars at the Chateau was 30 long) on the wrong end of Hollywood Blvd. No idea where – just that George Takei’s star was outside. I was furious – no one treats my Gaysian that way! In front of a craptastic bar? At least he was right by Gene Roddenberry. But still. I am el furioso, Hollywood walk of fame people – you’re on notice!

Saturday was ridiculous. Cold, rainy, drizzly. I mean, seriously. I thought I was in Dickensian, London. So, in keeping with that mind frame, I skipped out on Barry Diller’s open air luncheon – which is fun as hell when it’s WARM and not 39 degrees on a muddy lawn – and went to see ALICE IN WONDERLAND — I LOVED IT! GO! Good thing: apparently the luncheon was a lot of people like Ron Howard, Brent Ratner, Freston, David Geffen, Sandy Gallin, Bert Fields, Michael Eisner, Rupert Murdoch, Jane Fonda, Brad Grey, etc., etc., (You get the gist: old, white, rich, powerful, yada yada) – all huddling for warmth under a tent. Eek.

That night the same crowd went to the “Night Before” party at the Beverly Hills Hotel – and were greeted by a ton of protesters. The Night Before party is where people pay $25K each to attend, which supposedly goes to the Motion Picture & Television Fund… and people are pissed that the MPTF closed its long term care hospital and nursing home facility a year ago. The actors who went to that home, clearly weren’t the ones who could afford to be jeered at as they walked into the Night Before party last night. It’s hard to be old, white and rich in H’Wood these days.