House Industries vs. Eames

I’ve always adored the guys at House Industries, the font foundry in Delaware that makes really great fonts. Yes, I said fonts. I am a nerd. I know. Anyway, House Industries in recent years has brought fonts from famous designers/architects, like Richard Neutra and Alexander Girard, to life. Now they’re about to unleash a new project with the most iconic of all Mid-century Modernists.

Charles and Ray Eames designed many pieces of furniture. They also made patterns and films and houses. But never has a font they inspired been released. Until now. Next week, if in LA, you should check out this exhibit. The House folks will be having fun with The Eames Office. Modern furniture and font dorks will be a many. I am so sad I’ll miss it.

Here is what the event promises: “Please join us as we introduce the illustrative beauty and cumulative functionality of Eames Century Modern with a three-dimensional tactile typographic experience at the Eames Office Gallery in Santa Monica. A cornucopia of free-standing dimensional letterforms and hand-printed installations celebrate the intricate curves and stunning stroke contrast that are the building blocks of this new font collection.”