Green tech finds (3/4/10)

Robots, biogas, and a green 7-11… it’s green tech finds time!

  • Solar power from pea plants: Many researchers are looking to the plant world for inspiration for harvesting solar energy more efficiently. Prof. Nathan Nelson of Tel Aviv University is looking at pea plants as a potential source of nano materials that could “…form the core of more efficient man-made solar cells.”

  • Biogas a more sustainable option for rural China? Fenghuang, a village in the province of Sichuan, is testing this idea out.

  • Identify local food with your iPhone: Augmented Living Goods, an iPhone app that lets you scan barcodes to discover the point of origin for “living goods” (produce, meats and dairy products) took top honors at last week’s Greener Gadgets conference. (via CNET Crave)

  • Windy City piloting solar energy distribution: With a 100-home test, area utility ComEd is trying out the idea that homes could become “mini-utilities.” (via Cleantechnica)

  • Kenya ramping up geothermal energy production: The African country has released plans for a 280 MW geothermal plant to meet growing demand for electricity.

  • A greener Slurpee? No… but convenience store chain 7-11 has opened its first green store in Deland, Florida.

  • The recycling robot: Mitsubishi Electric Engineering Corp and Osaka University have developed a robot that can separate six different kinds of plastic from one another… still no word on one that will carry the bin out to the curb for you, though. (via Ecogeek)

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Image credit: 7-11