Green tech finds (3/25/10)

Is the solution to carbon capture sitting in your conditioner bottle? This, and more, at this week’s green tech finds.

  • Biomimicry and boat-building: We noted earlier this week that David de Rothschild set sail on the Plastiki. Designer Michael Pawlyn explains how biomimicry played into the creation of this boat made from plastic bottles.

  • A greener web: Greentouch, a consortium of academic and corporate partners, is exploring methods to make the internet, and other computer networks, much more energy efficient.

  • Another greener smart phone: Sprint has unveiled its LG Remarq at the International CTIA Wireless Show. The phone features some recycled materials, and meets RoHS standards; its charger is even ENERGY STAR certified. (via TFTS)

  • Full, shiny hair… that also captures carbon? Not really… but scientists at the American Chemical Society meeting have noted that aminosilicones — often found in hair-care products — could play a role in capturing carbon emissions. (via Inhabitat)

  • Wind power storage and transmission breakthroughs? That what Cleantechnica is calling investment banker Joh Douglas’ effort to bring together recent developments in underwater transmission and wind energy storage.

  • Cool it!: That what New York state regulators are saying to nuclear power plant operators about water used in their plants… they can no longer discharge heated water back into rivers (which will lighten one of the environmental problems associated with nuclear power). (via Blue Living Ideas)

  • The Norwegian Electric Vehicle: Norway’s THINK wants to make sure its THINK City model gets the same attention as the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt (which is a hybrid), so its showing off the vehicle in the Bay Area. (via Green, Inc.)

  • And, speaking of electric vehicles…: What would happen if we got to 1 million of ‘em, and they all plugged in to charge at the same time? That’s just one issue addressed in a new report from a trade group of grid operators. (via Treehugger)

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Image credit: THINK