Green documentary news

Just came across several interesting tidbits on green-themed documentary films currently in the works, so thought I’d share them all at one time.

  • Crowd funding green films: Tree Media Group, which produced THE 11TH HOUR with Leonardo DiCaprio, is trying out a different mechanism for raising money for two planned documentaries: crowd funding. If you check out the sites for URBAN ROOTS, which follows the growth of urban farming in Detroit, or INTO EDEN, which explores environmental crisis from the perspective of human consciousness, you’ll see NPR-like fund raising appeals. This is a model that’s currently being tried for all sorts of media — is a great example of crowd funding for  journalism, for instance — so we’ll be interested to see how well this works.

  • 1% for the Planet comes to film: Just found out about this one this morning — 1% for the Planet, an organization that encourages companies to earmark one percent of their sales for environmental causes, is finishing up its film 1% OF THE STORY. Billed as “…a collection of short profiles of One Percent member companies,” viewers will hear stories of both small companies (i.e. Sweetpea Bicycles) and big players (i.e. musician Jack Johnson… see the video above).  The film will be released online, with a limited DVD run. This is only one element of media efforts for the organization: they’ve also released an album of music… and held an event at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival promoting it.

Know of other news of upcoming green documentaries? Share it with us…