Chris Rubino for the Distrikt Hotel

The word is getting out. Opening up a hip hotel in the city? Hire Chris Rubino. Last year the NY-based artist was commissioned to do a series of canvases for the recently opened Ace Hotel, a 12-story boutique hotel in a renovated historical building in Midtown Manhattan.

The Distrikt Hotel, Rubino’s latest venture, is also located in Midtown but has a distinctly different feel. The Distrikt is sleeker, more modern and almost three times the height of Ace, which is good news for Rubino as his artwork appears in the lobbies of all 32 floors. The work showcases elements of every part of NYC in photo-collages Rubino worked with the hotel’s architects to put together, heading out into the city and taking pictures of “iconic buildings and signs as well as the minutia that makes New York New York, in the end taking 10,000 photos.”

The task must have been huge: take images of some of the most over-photographed places in the world and make it new again. But one look at Rubino’s portfolio and it’s obvious his creative abilities know no bounds. The final pieces are visually striking, 8-foot-wide backlit collages of monuments both big and small, from the Guggenheim to the skyline’s iconic water towers, and Rubino does the city proud.