Chat Roulette piano improv

Last week, fellow SUNfiltered blogger Matthew Rodriguez found a compilation Chat Roulette video that he called “the best…and most safe-for-work item I’ve seen yet of the Chat Roulette experience” (one faceless user has a handwritten sign that’s turned on its side which reads — once you turn your head to read it — “If you turn your head I win :P ” and then said user proceeds to keep score).  And we were with Matthew, until we found this: “Chat Roulette Funny Piano Improv #1.” A guy sings songs with a piano accompaniment made up on-the-spot about the people who pop up on the screen. It’s so cute and fun, it makes you forget (almost) about all the purple throbbing genitals you were forced to weed through on your first (and only) foray into the disturbing and “surreal” world of Chat Roulette.