Can you fix ChatRoulette's penis problem?

Last week, we wrote about how the ChatRoulette improv piano guy almost makes you forget about all the purple throbbing genitals you were forced to weed through on your first and only foray into that weird world. (We’re still trying to decide which was more disturbing: Seeing a guy jerking off the first time we logged on, or having that guy disconnect before we were able to!) Unfortunately the chances of you meeting the improv piano guy online are probably one in millions, whereas the chances of you meeting a friendly penis are, oh, approximately 4 out of 5, to make a guess.

It was inevitable, of course. The ChatRoulette set-up — completely anonymous and you can disconnect any time — practically begs men to indulge their inner flasher. But is there any way to fix this? Because if you could get rid of all those penises — or, okay, just most of them — then ChatRoulette really would be a weird, wonderful world. Well, Business Insider wants to help. Or, rather, they want you to help. They’re holding a contest to gather ideas to fix ChatRoulette’s penis problem, and — because they’re super connected, natch — they’ll pass on the winner’s resume and idea to the ChatRoulette founder. Got a penis-blocking solution? Submit it here!