BAM Silent Art Auction

If you’re wondering why this picture above, an untitled photograph from Shirin Neshat’s “Women of Allah” series is the only picture you’ve been seeing to advertise the upcoming BAM Silent Art Auction, it’s probably because she’s the event’s Honorary Artist Chair, but it may also very well be because this year’s auction is slim pickin’s. Even with over 160 artists on the roster, there are only a handful worth bidding on. Before getting to the bad, allow me to first mention some of the better pieces up for auction. Aside from Neshat, there are some good photos up for grabs by Ian Baguskas, Chuck Close, Sally Gall and Christoph DraegerLawrence Weiner and Marcel Dzama are offering some nice prints and I have my eye the red desk lamp by David Weeks. Notice that I haven’t (unfortunately) mentioned any of the paintings.

I might say there’s no accounting for taste, given the penchant of some pulling in the best of the bizarre/worst a la Regretsy style. Ikea art-influences appear in pieces by Julian Jackson, Rob Wynne and Deborah Kass. There’s a beyond disturbing self-portrait by Terence Koh, a nifty little drawing by Daniel Davidson who apparently got bored in class and drew 3 TIE fighters and a painting by Leah Tinari which is like iPhoto effects gone terribly, terribly wrong. At least it’s all for a good cause, right? If you’re brave enough to bid, you can do so online on March 18.