Women: they're like drugs to men.

We tend to take the findings of sexuality-related studies with a grain of salt (at least until their results have been duplicated by a few other sources, at least), but we’re nonetheless fascinated by a recent study written up in the Daily News that claims that the sight of a curvaceous lady activates the same parts of the male brain that are associated with rewards, including the areas associated with responses to alcohol and drugs.

Granted, it may just be the stuff of science fiction (and science fiction we’d totally be into, at that), but if it is true, it could go a long way towards explaining phenomena like sex and porn addiction–at least in men, that is. Which brings us to a second point: any chance of someone trying to duplicate this study in women?

Looking at curvy women’s bodies has the same effect on men as taking drugs: study [nydailynews.com]

Photo by Debora Pollon [flickr.com]