The Superbowl ad you WON'T see this weekend

We used to look forward to Superbowl Sunday for the ads (that, and the excuse to over-indulge in junk food). But it looks like CBS is determined to ruin the one sports-related joy in our lives. First of all they went and accepted an anti-choice ad from conservative Christian group Focus on the Family — apparently CBS no longer bans advocacy submissions or controversial ads, as they have claimed in the past. Of course, Focus on the Family claims the ad is not controversial at all, and is simply about “the issue of life.” Riiiight. The ad — which has not yet been released — is expected to feature Pam Tebow (mother of college football star Tim) and her decision to carry Tim to term despite a recommendation from doctors that she have an abortion. Sorry: despite a recommendation from doctors regarding the issue of life.

Unfortunately CBS’s policy on “controversial” ads still holds firm if the ad happens to come from a gay men’s dating site. When we read on CNN that the ad, by, “shows two men watching the Super Bowl. Their hands brush each other in the potato chip bowl, which inspires a passionate, male-on-male make-out session,” we expected, well, we at least expected a little tongue! But if you watch the ad above, you’ll realize that the two dudes — who look like your average hetero sports fans, which is kinda hot, if you ask us — don’t even come close to making out. Their lips are inches — nay, feet! — apart. In fact, it looks exactly like two straight guys who have to pretend to make out on camera as a fraternity prank. In other words, something you can see on YouTube any day of the week.

Oh well, looks like we’ll just have to stay home and wash our hair on Sunday afternoon instead. And maybe spend a little quality time on YouTube.