The lonely whale

I just came across this remarkable albeit slightly depressing story, especially during this upcoming holiday celebrating coupledom, about a lonely solitary whale somewhere out there in the big blue ocean. Tracked since 1992, this whale has been cruising the Pacific ocean emitting a song and call at around 52 hertz, which does not match any known whale species.

Team members and other experts have proposed a host of explanations for the whale sounds, among them that the animal is malformed or, most likely, is a hybrid of a blue whale and another species.

Ms. Daher said that as word of the paper has spread, she has gotten a host of e-mail messages, some from whale lovers lamenting the notion of a lonely heart of the cetacean world. Some messages have come from deaf people speculating that the whale might share their disability.

Keep your hopes up, whale buddy. As we humanfolk say, “There are plenty of fish in pond.” You can listen to the 52-hertz whale call here.


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