The Dragulator!

RuPaul’s Drag Race is back on Logo and I am thrilled. You know whenever anyone asks me what my dream job is I always reply “rock star.” But what I really mean is drag queen. Um, David Bowie. Hello.

Anyway. This show is amazing. It takes all the elements of your favorite reality shows and mixes in wigs, heels, and fake tits. Not the implants, the ones made from birdseed. Any self respecting gay should be watching. And any straight who wants to see all the fun they’re missing living a hetero life should tune in. It shows you just how good a time the gays are. And if, like myself, you’ve longed to dress as a woman, never fear. There is the Dragulator now. It is a funny web game that allows you to upload an image and go to town. You too can become a drag queen.