Tandem bike + cargo bike = greener moving solution

Transportation for moving usually means a friend’s truck or a rented van… any bicycles involved are usually loaded into one of those options. Two students from the Netherlands’ Delft University for Technology, however, have created a concept in which a bike is the moving vehicle. The Vrachtfiets (which translates as “cargo bike”) is a recumbent tandem bike with electrical assist, and designed to forgo gas-guzzling options for short moves.

While you’re first reaction may be “that’s nuts… I’m not pedaling my stuff up hills,” designers Onno Sminia and Louis Pierre Geerinckx note on their website that “65% of all journeys in the Netherlands [are] less than 5 km and the average volume transported is less than 1m3“… so a bike isn’t as nutty as it sounds. And, apparently, others are interested: Springwise notes that the two young entrepreneurs have “recently presented their final design to their first customer, the city of Delft.”

Obviously, moving isn’t the only option for this concept: any kind of small load could be hauled short distances. The designers also don’t envision most customers buying the Vrachtfiets, but rather renting it like the typical moving van.

There are definitely limitations here — wouldn’t want to do this cross-country, or even cross-county — but for urban transport and hauling, this seems like a promising option, and a step-up from standard cargo bikes for the groceries. Now we’ll just need wider bike lanes…


Image credit: vrachtfiets.nl