Rotterdam Film Festival at BAM

The International Film Festival in Rotterdam wrapped earlier this month and what with all the other film festivals this time of year, chances are you weren’t in attendance. Never fear, BAM is screening several of the festival’s best films, including ALAMAR directed by Pedro González-Rubio. One of three films to win the VPRO Tiger Award, ALAMAR, a docu-fiction film, was shot on a small DV camera in a hut in Mexico. González-Rubio and his crew lived with the stars of the film, all nonprofessional actors. “I slept the way they slept, in a hammock. I fished with them. I became part of daily life and wrote it down with a camera.”

The BAM screenings don’t begin until March 4th, but tickets are available now. Other films include R, THE TEMPTATION OF ST. TONY and critically acclaimed LET EACH ONE GO WHERE THEY MAY.