Peter Gabriel returns.

I am in Costa Rica this week traveling with a group of 13 gays. While this could sound like a recipe for disaster (13 queens fighting over one iPod dock!) we’ve been having a relaxing, and fun, week. There was a moment on Saturday that got me combing the internet this morning. As we traveled the 3 hours it takes to get from Costa Rica’s capital San Jose to the gayish beach town of Manuel Antonio we listened to local radio. At one point Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer came on the radio and the bus went nuts. We sang at the tops of our lungs.

When the song ended we traded stories of how much we loved that video, which you can watch above. It was groundbreaking.

I started looking for more information on Mr. Gabriel today as he’s not been in the spotlight for some time. And I’m glad I did! He’s about to release Scratch My Back, an album of orchestral covers of songs by Radiohead, Regina Spektor, Paul Simon, and more. And he’s going to be embarking on a tour with a 54 piece orchestra playing both the covers and his own songbook.