It's time for TED

Ever since TED nixed the personal invitations and opened its doors to anyone who can afford the $6,000 ticket, the response has been so overwhelming they’ve had to extend the event to a satellite campus in Palm Springs, 100 miles away from the main event in Long Beach. The Palm Springs location, dubbed TEDActive, is also completely sold out, but you can still sign up for the livestream, which entitles you access to the everything the TEDsters in California are seeing for $1,000 (TED encourages you to split it with 10 friends).

No matter what your location is, this year’s lineup, headed by TED Prize winner Jaime Oliver (who has added “activist” beside his name for the event), looks promising. The job titles of some of today’s speakers alone – spider silk scientist, skeptic, ukelele virtuoso – are enough to make you want to fork over a grand for the livestream. There are also the requisite cancer researchers, economists, writers, philosophers, neuroscientists and former CIA covert operatives, as well as a handful of celebs like Sheryl Crow, Sarah Silverman, James Cameron and David Byrne. Just thinking about David Byrne’s TEDTalk makes me supremely jealous of this year’s attendees.

Quench your TED thirst with highlights from previous years, and if you’re streaming live don’t miss the TED Prize tonight at 5 PST.