Green tech finds (2/25/10)

Outlet Regulator Video from conor klein on Vimeo.

It’s Thursday… and that means green tech finds! Here’s what we found this week:

  • Princeton calls Kindle experiment a success: In our very first green tech finds post, we took note of Princeton’s plans to experiment with the Amazon Kindle to save paper. The pilot worked on that front… though findings showed the device may still may not be ready to fully supplant paper texts.

  • The beach sand fuel cell rolled out: Bloom Energy received tons of coverage yesterday for its public launch of the “Bloom Box,” a fuel cell system based on “solid oxide ceramic fuel cells.” Developers promise a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions, cheaper electricity, and fuel flexibility with the system.

  • Hyundai’s diesel hybrid concept: The i-Flow is just one of the many vehicle ideas that will premiere at next week’s Geneva Auto Show… Autoblog Green has a great run-down.

  • UN addresses e-waste: The United Nations Environment Program released a report on the growth of electronic waste, particularly in the developing world. While noting tremendous increases in e-waste, the report also addressed the opportunity that exists for “mining” used electronics. (via GreenTech Pastures)

  • Take control over your low-flow shower head: GreenUpGrader takes a look at the ShowerTek Green Choice shower head, which promises flow rates of less that half of the current 2.5 gallons/minute federal standard, and user control over the flow rate.

  • Leeches battle vampires: Sounds like a bad horror flick, but it’s the idea behind the Outlet Regulator, which unplugs your electronic devices the moment they’re fully charged… goodbye, vampire power! See the video above for a demonstration. (via Ecogeek)

  • Retail recycling: British retail outlet Marks & Spencer plans to get into curbside recycling, and to use at least a portion of the materials collected to make food packaging. (via Cleantechnica)

Have you seen other interesting developments in clean technology, renewable energy, or green gadgets? Let us know about them…