Green tech finds (2/18/10)

Wave power, robots, and solar roads… it’s time for this week’s green tech finds.

  • Use your iPhone to argue climate science: Gotten into yet another argument with your conservative brother-in-law about the facts surrounding climate change, and need support fast? There’s an app for that… (via The Guardian)

  • Wave power coming to the Pacific Northwest: Ocean Power Technologies has started construction on the nation’s first commercial-scale wave farm. Some remain skeptical on the viability of this technology, though…

  • Robots help “green” Crate & Barrel warehouse operations: Attention sci-fi loving greenies — robots can help with greenhouse gas emissions! That’s what Crate & Barrel is claiming about its robotic warehouse system purchased from Kiva Systems. (via Triplepundit)

  • Ford takes the green flag: Ford Motors’ Next Generation Hybrid System and SmartGauge, both elements of the 2010 Fusion Hybrid, were awarded the 2010 Best New Green Technology award by the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada at the Canadian International Auto Show.

  • A car built for train rides: That’s the idea behind boutique automaker Rinspeed’s UC concept. It’s an urban electric vehicle (“UC” stands for “urban commuter”) that could be loaded onto specially-designed rail cars for long trips (see the image above). (via CNET Car Tech)

  • A “no-burn” solution for natural gas?: It’s cleaner than coal, but burning natural gas still produces carbon emissions. Two researchers at MIT have proposed a process for harvesting energy from gas without burning it, and even have ideas for what to do with the resulting “almost pure” CO2. (via Cleantechnica)

  • Idaho tinkerer develops “solar road” concept: And, apparently, some find his idea intriguing — the US Department of Transportation awarded Scott Brusaw a $100,000 grant to research the concept he developed in a friend’s garage. (via Green Living Ideas)

If you found it, and we didn’t, tell us… share you finds below.


Image credit: Rinspeed