Green tech finds (2/11/10)

New skins for old buildings, hybrid race cars, and solar chargers that work inside… your green tech finds for the week.

  • Reskinning old buildings: New green buildings are great, but what about older, existing structures? Australia-based Laboratory for Visionary Architecture (LAVA) has conceived of a building “skin” that “which could create a microclimate, cooling the building inside,” and could contain all sorts of sustainable goodies like solar panels and rainwater collection systems. (via Fast Company)

  • Poop to carbon capture: West Virginia chicked farmer Josh Frye is trying to do his part to curb climate change — and make a little extra money — by turning chicken manure into biochar.

  • Kia’s plug-in hybrid: South Korean car maker Kia unveiled its Ray Plug-in Hybrid concept at the Chicago Auto Show.

  • Porsche’s hybrid race car: Yep, they’re getting into the game, too — the company will “unveil a hybrid version of its 911 GT3 R race car at the Geneva Motor Show in March–and then enter it in the 24 Hours of Nurburgring race this May.” (via CNET Green Tech)

  • Wind-powered car charging: Highland Park, IL (just outside of Chicago) now features an electric vehicle charging station that runs on wind power. (via EcoGeek)

  • Biofuels from saltwater: Middle Eastern researchers are attempting to undermine the “food vs. fuel” conundrum by developing biofuels from saltwater-tolerant crops. (via Cleantechies)

  • Strong and lightweight solar panels: Generally, you couldn’t have both of those qualities, but SBM Solar’s new lightweight, non-reflective silicon solar panel received Underwriters’ Laboratory certification for durability. (via Cleantechnica)

  • Indoor solar power: The IllumiCharger captures energy from indoor ambient light, and stores it for charging small electronic devices. (via greenUpgrader)

If we missed it, and you didn’t, let us know… what did you find this week?