Billie Ray Martin returns

Billie Ray Martin should be a household name. Her voice is epic. It recalls Aretha and soul singers of another era. Ms. Martin is German. And white. And loves the Pet Shop Boys and electronic music. And disco. She’s always been a bit before her time. And those are the reasons why she’s not a bigger star. She may be too talented.

In the 90s she scored a number #1 world smash with “Your Loving Arms,” a song any house music fan knows and adores. It is considered a classic of the genre. It’s iconic. It seems fitting then that her new record, just released, is a covers project. She tackles the iconic 80s synth band Cabaret Voltaire’s “The Crackdown” and “Just Fascination” on her new Sold Out to Disco EP. The electro-beats coupled with her remarkable chops make for a modern electro gem. And the release features Voltaire’s lead singer Stephen Mallinder, giving the recording a darkness and much cred. It’s a welcome return to form from a singer everyone should know.

The Crackdown (Original Version) Radio Edit from billie ray martin music on Vimeo.