The Lady Gaga doll collection

If you browse through this amazing Flickr photo album you’ll see true talent on display. You’ll also see that some queen has way, way too much time on her hands. But I am thankful for the recession for reasons like this.

Obviously this guy is not working. The toy designer Veik has taken your plain Jane Barbies and created an entire collection of dolls in Lady Gaga’s likeness. He has the Kermit coat, the VMA red ensemble, and of course a myriad of looks from the “Bad Romance” video. You can see how much time and effort was put into each creation. And in true DIY fashion Viek has instructions for others to create their own Gaga dolls. Can me queer, but that’s freaking awesome.

Here’s hoping MoMA snaps them up for an exhibit sooner than later. Or at the very least Ms. Gaga herself hires this guy to design some life-size costumes. His talent is anything but miniscule.