Summertime pole dancing at P.S.1

In a time when it’s difficult for up-and-comers in any field to get jobs, especially those working freelance, prizes have become an increasingly useful means of getting your name out there.  That can mean a magazine’s annual award, the upcoming Sundance Film Festival (42 of the 113 films are from first-timers) or P.S.1 MoMA’s Young Architects Program, which has helped launch designers like SHoP, Linda Roy, nARCHITECTS and Work AC into the public eye.

This year the honor goes to the Brooklyn-based husband and wife team SO-IL for their entry Pole Dance, 100 free-moving white poles centrally anchored in a shallow pool and held together by a net that’s only “taut enough.” The structure is interactive; The poles respond to the movements of visitors and balls suspended in the net are an element of a rule-less game. “What we wanted to do,” Florian Indenburg explains, “is propose a structure that was constantly trying to find its balance as it was influenced by people and outside forces. It’s a take on the wider world, where we’re always trying to find balance in our lives and everything around us.”

The structure will provide the environment for P.S.1′s annual summer Warm Up, which begins in June 2010.