Red Carpet Green Dress: green designers' shot at Oscar-level exposure

Suzy Amis Cameron for Red Carpet Green Dress from Red Carpet Green Dress on Vimeo.

If you’re an aspiring green fashion designer, and didn’t get picked for Franca Sozzani’s workshop in Biella, Italy, fear not: Suzy Amis Cameron — model, activist, and wife of some guy named James — is offering you a shot at red carpet exposure. Her “Red Carpet Green Dress” competition, launched last month, challenges upcoming designers to “create a black tie dress made of natural/organic or sustainable materials while also encouraging these future designers to estimate carbon footprints when creating their clothing lines.” Amis Cameron will wear the winning dress for her various red carpet appearances in February and March, and bring the designer to LA for consultation and some VIP treatment.

A long-time environmental activist, Amis Cameron launched Red Carpet Green Dress to widen the spotlight on sustainable fashion, and to raise funds for MUSE Elementary, a non-profit educational organization she started with her sister Rebecca Amis. Serving pre-kindergarten – 5th grade students from across the socio-economic spectrum, MUSE aims “…to inspire children to live more conscious lives in relation to themselves, one another and the planet.” Amis Cameron notes “Red Carpet Green Dress perfectly connects to MUSE Elementary’s global green philosophy by applying environmental awareness to our everyday lives… I look forward to Red Carpet Green Dress becoming a signature event, not only for MUSE, but also for Hollywood’s award season.”

Got a design in mind? Don’t wait around… the deadline for entries is January 22nd. Let us know if you submit something… and we’ll keep an eye out for the announcement of the winner.