Our new sex tape is out! Hi Mom!

About a year and a half ago, we lost our innocence as hosts of a 10-episode UK TV series called “SEX: How to Do Everything.” We consider ourselves fairly prudish sex writers, so you can imagine our shock when the series turned out to be way more explicit than we (or our parents) would have ever had hoped for. Which is not to say the series isn’t incredibly helpful and informative — it is! Every episode covers one particular topic in great detail (seduction, manual sex, oral sex, intercourse, orgasm, anal play, kink, etc). But don’t let the live, in-home demonstration by the man who can orally please himself surprise you (not exactly helpful for the unflexible masses, but it’s definitely got a  fucked-up car crash appeal). All this is to say that you can now see our shame for yourself in the States — the DVD is available exclusively from us via Kino. Check out the (very PG-13) trailer on our site (it’s in the right-hand sidebar). You can also view a clip from the oral sex episode below.