Lady Gaga, creative director at Polaroid

Lady Gaga’s world dominance is not stopping as her world tour roles into Atlantic City this weekend. I am going to the show, 2 hours south of Manhtattan, because the 4 shows at Radio City sold out in record time and I don’t know anyone important enough to get me one. Sundance? Mr. Redford?

So while I settle to see this great gay hope on the Jersey shore (the audience should be a show alone) I am comforted that Gaga is branching out. The photo above is from LG’s Twitter page. And yes, if you read the card correctly, you’d know that Lady Gaga is now creative director at Polaroid. And this is not a joke and not a product placement deal. The multi-talents of La Gaga will hopefully bring new life to the iconic cameras. She’s got a way of taking things we’ve seen before (Madonna, Grace Jones) and churning out something new and shiny. Hopefully she too can save Polaroid from the digital age.

Heck, she’s saved pop music.