James Victore at MoMA

It is not everyday that you venture to the Museum of Modern Art and you stumble upon work you own. It is ever crazier when the artist is a friend. This happened to me last week. While I strolled through MoMA to see wonderful exhibits on both Tim Burton and the Bauhaus I came towards the elevator. And there lining the wall were four posters designed by my pal James Victore. I was shocked! I had no clue.

James is a Brooklyn-based artist. We met about 5 years ago through mutual friends and have had both a working and personal relationship. I own several of his posters and plates. He’s designed Time Magazine covers and teaches at The School of Visual Arts. It was refreshing to see him getting some respect, especially from the powerhouse MoMA. I invite you to check out his website. And for those of you novice collectors I suggest buying his Instant Collection. For just $50 you too an have a collection rivaling MoMA’s.