Australia bans small breasts, ejaculation from adult entertainment.

Australia: a land where prostitution is (mostly) legal, cursing on TV is par for the course…and a byzantine structure of censorship renders most XXX material illegal to own, sell, or both. Newly added to the list of banned acts: small breasts and female ejaculation.

Why small breasts? Well, the ban is specifically focused on women who’s breasts give them the appearance of being underage (unlike America, Australia frowns on “barely legal” porn, as well as anything meant to make adult actresses look like they’re youthful or underage). Of course, declaring that one very common body type is unwelcome in erotic material does have more than a few unpleasant implications, as Jezebel outlines.

The ban on female ejaculation is a little more straightforward. The Australian government, unlike most forward thinking people the world over, refuses to believe that female ejaculation is real. And if it’s not real, then the liquid emanating from a lady’s nether regions at the moment of orgasm must, in fact, be urine–and since urine-based erotic play is already illegal in Australia, it’s only a short leap of logic to put female ejaculation on the chopping block, too.

Censorship is rarely a good thing, but these specific restrictions offer a rather dire statement about the Australian government’s view of both women’s bodies and their sexuality. It remains to be seen how it all pans out…but we, for one, are hoping Australia sees the light and rolls back these restrictions (and maybe a few of the other ones they’ve got, too).

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