Anger release venting machine

Artists Katja Kublitz and Ronnie Yarisal created this outlet for one’s pent up anger and frustrations. Subverting the ubiquitous snack vending machine (especially in Japan, home of the highest number of vending machines per capita FYI), which incidentally sustained me all through junior high school, the artists filled this vending machine with fragile glassware and china. Anyone having a tough day can insert a coin, select their preferred item and watch it fall and land with a satisfying smash.

Also, did you know that the world’s first vending machine was actually built in the First Century A.D. by an inventor named… HERO. It was created to distribute Holy Water at temples to address the problem of people taking more Holy Water than they were paying for. Smithsonian Magazine explains how this machine worked:

A person puts a coin in a slot at the top of a box. The coin hits a metal lever, like a balance beam. On the other end of the beam is a string tied to a plug that stops a container of liquid. As the beam tilts from the weight of the coin, the string lifts the plug and dispenses the desired drink until the coin drops off the beam.